Latest versions:
Smart-Clip v5.03 (08.09.2011)
SmartMoto v4.33 (21.05.2014)
S-Card v3.13 (05.02.2014)

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How can I upgrade my Smart Unlocker to Smart-Clip?
Please log to GSM PRODUCTS section on, find an item called UPGARDE OF SMART UNLOCKER TO SMART-CLIP and press ADD TO CART button. After that, please, complete a payment form. As soon as the payment has been entered to our account, you will be sent a confirmation letter regarding the upgrade. After that simply connect Unlocker to PC via LPT cable, log to UPGRADE ZONE at and perform usual steps of update procedure. Special software will be uploaded to your device and Unlocker will become a Smart-Clip. NOTE: S-Card dongle is required in order to upgrade Smart Unlocker to Smart-Clip.

May I resell my Smart-Clip?
Yes, you may resell your Smart-Clip but first you should provide us with all the required information and tell us that you wish to resell your Smart-Clip.

What should I do to resell my Smart-Clip?
You should provide us with all the information (login to, password, serial numbers etc.) and tell us that you wish to resell your Smart-Clip.

Can my Smart-Clip work on several PC's?
Yes, it can. Smart-Clip and S-Card are not bound to PC hardware

Does Smart-Clip need to be activated?
New Smart-Clip and S-Card just require to be updated and registered at in order to become ready for use and to provide access to flash files. These products were developed in a ready to go fashion. However, newer versions of the Smart-Clip and S-Card firmware are regularly launched by our developers. You can update your Clip easily by going to Smart-Clip upgrade page and running "Smart-Clip Online Updater".

Where do I get login/password for product update?
Smart-Clip update system is organized in such a way that there is no need to register for update. Every owner can go to support page and connect the Clip using "Smart-Clip Online Updater". It is free and available to everyone. Please note that S-Card dongle is required in order to complete Smart-Clip update.

How do I know the version of my Smart-Clip?
You can go to upgrade zone on our site and connect the Smart-Clip to the PC. When the program asks you if you want to install and run "Smart-Clip Online Updater", answer "yes". Update program will inform you about your productĺs version.

Why is there LPT port in Smart-Clip?
Smart-Clip is not a final solution. Rather it is a platform for ongoing solutions constantly developed by Smart-Clip Team. Similar to Griffin and Twister Smart-Clip stays efficient all the time by means of available updates. LPT port is a physical channel for on-line updates.

Do I need to configure my LPT port for Smart-Clip update?
Normally all LPT ports are set by default to operate in Smart-Clip friendly way. However, if your LPT configurations have been changed, you should know that any of bidirectional modes (EPP, ECP) is required for Smart-Clip update to operate properly.

How do I update my Smart-Clip?
Please log to SmartMoto manual page for instructions.

Smart-Clip Online Updater doesn't appear in my browser. What should I do?
In order to install and run "Smart-Clip Online Updater" you need to use Internet Explorer 5 or later IE versions. Your browser should be configured to allow Active X element use. In case of having difficulties while installing unsigned ActiveX client software, please select form the Internet Explorer menu "Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level" and set "Download unsigned ActiveX controls" to "Prompt" or "Enable". As soon as ActiveX client software is installed, it is strictly recommended to set the "Download unsigned ActiveX controls" option back to "Disable".

Why is there a service socket in Smart-Clip?
This socket is installed for further implementation of future Smart-Clip features:

  • Direct JTAG function to repair phones with damaged boot zone
  • Direct JTAG function for testing CPU/RAM/FLASH

I went through all steps mentioned in Operation Instructions but E/G indicator stays red. Why?
E/G indicator turns on and stays red when there is an error. One of the reasons for it may be bad connection between Smart-Clip and the phone.

Power indicator blinks red. What does it mean?
Most likely you are using a battery to power the Smart-Clip. The red light of power indicator shows low battery charge. Please replace battery with stable power adapter (12V, 750mA). Power cable polarity.

What should I do if my Smart-Clip doesn't update?
Should this happen, create a log file of update error and e-mail it to support[at] This will allow our support team to respond with solution quickly.

I'm having problems when using Windows XP/2000…
In order to successfully update your clip (or use SmartMoto tool) under Windows XP you need to enter the system as an Administrator (or as a user with administrative rights).

What should I do if Smart-Clip doesn't unlock a phone?
First of all, make sure the phone model you are trying to unlock is in the list of supported models. If it is, you need to make sure the phone you are unlocking is charged to its full battery capacity and that battery connection poles are clean. Make sure your cable connection is good too. Use power adapter for Smart-Clip while unlocking. If your phone fails to unlock then read its flash with SmartMoto and send it along with log file (history) to support[AT]smart-clip[DOT]com

Which LPT cable should I use for Smart-Clip update?
Please use 25 pin LPT cable with female and male endings to connect your Clip to computer for the update.

What should I do if my Clip can not be found by Updater or SmartMoto software?
Please make sure that:

  • Firewall on your computer (or your LAN) is configured properly or disabled
  • You have reliable Internet connection
  • If you are using a Smart Adaptor, select USB connection method; if you do not have Smart Adaptor ľ connect the Smart-Clip to LPT port by means of LPT cable
  • LPT port settings are set to EPP in BIOS
  • Your LPT cable works properly
  • You have got a correct LPT port setting in SmartMoto program, tab Smart-Clip. We recommend to use Auto mode
  • You use a stable power supply with your Clip (use 12V, 750mA power adapter)
  • Your IE version is not lower than v5.0
  • If you run update under WinXP, log in as Administrator or any other account with administrative rights
To run SmartMoto under WinXP and also to update Smart-Clip please:
  • Launch the SmartMoto, open Smart-Clip tab & tick the option "Disable OS parallel port polling (requires reboot)".
  • After that restart you PC.
  • Also set LPT options in SmartMoto to compatibility.

How to disable "HTTP Proxy"?
Please perform the following steps:

  • Go to: Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN settings
  • Remove the checkmark from "Use a proxy server for your LAN"
  • Press OK

How to create a log file?
When you connect your phone via Smart-Clip to SmartMoto or the Smart-Clip to Update zone, the whole process is shown step by step in the lower part of the window. This is an operation log. Right above it there is a button "Save operation log". Press it - the log will be saved. Then please, sent it to us by e-mail.

Can i flash a phone with Smart Unlocker?
Smart-Unlocker is not compatible with SmartMoto and does not support flashing.

Will i get an access to flash files at if I purchase a new Smart-Clip?
Free access to the file system on is granted to each Smart-Clip user throughout one year from the date of the first update.

I would like to use Smart-Clip Chinese Edition. Can I update it via proxy-server?
No, update via proxy-server is not technically possible. Please, make sure you are not using proxy, firewall or antivirus before starting the update procedure.

How to connect S-Card dongle to PC?
S-Card connects to PC via USB port.

Does S-Card dongle work as a standalone device?
S-Card dongle is a USB key to operate with Smart-Clip and SmartMoto. It can be used for some SmartMoto functions, with or without Smart-Clip device.

Is S-Card dongle allowed to be registered with several Smart-Clip units?
Each S-Card dongle is allowed to be registered with a single Smart-Clip.

I have exchanged my Clip under warranty policy. Can I register my old S-Card with the new Smart-Clip?
In case of exchanging Smart-Clip hardware, the user should inform Smart-Clip support team at support[AT]smart-clip[DOT]com telling the serial numbers of Smart-Clip dongle and Smart-Clip.

While trying to update/register my S-Card dongle, I got the message: "S-Card update process is not completed…" or "S-card not identified". What should be done in this case?
In case of getting the message: "S-Card update process is not completedů" or "S-card not identified", while trying to update/register S-Card dongle, please send a letter along with S-Card serial number and a detailed description of update failure to support[AT]smart-clip[DOT]com. Within 24 hours you will receive our answer asking to repeat the update procedure.

Is S-Card dongle covered with hardware warranty?
S-Card dongle hardware warranty is 180 days, starting from the registration date.

Is S-Card compatible with SCout flasher? Can I use it without Smart-Clip?
S-Card is fully compatible with SCout flasher and can be used instead of SCout dongle. Also, it can be used for certain SmartMoto functions without use of Smart-Clip. The only issue that should be mentioned is that S-Card can not be updated to the latest version without Smart-Clip being connected to PC. Besides, in order to complete the update, the S-Card has to be registered to that Smart-Clip.

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