Latest versions:
Smart-Clip v5.03 (08.09.2011)
SmartMoto v4.33 (21.05.2014)
S-Card v3.13 (05.02.2014)

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Special offer for Smart-Clip with S-Card owners!

Save $40 Buying Smart-Clip2!

Smart-Clip2 for Smart-Clip with S-Card owners

Special offer for Smart-Clip with S-Card owners! Save USD 40 on Smart-Clip2 with All Packs Activated.

To get a discount, please, follow these few simple steps:

Get a promo code:

  1. Update your Smart-Clip and S-Card to the latest version
  2. Run SmartMoto v.4.33 software.
  3. Open Smart-Clip bookmark (for instance, at "Smart-Clip USB Port (GSM) "tab).
  4. Press "Get Promo Code" button.

Use this promo code:

  • After the promo code has been generated, copy it to the clipboard and insert into "SmartClip Promo Code" field while making an order. Cost of Smart-Clip2 with All Packs will be recalculated automatically.

?Como obtener el descuento?




Smart-Clip: New Hot Price!

Excellent news from Smart-Clip Team - now you can purchase the Smart-Clip at the best ever price! Besides, the list of accessories supplied together with the Smart-Clip was reviewed and the full cable set complemented with the Smart-Clip universal stabilized AC/DC power adapter enabling you enabling you to service the latest phone models even more effectively.

Following you'll find our new hot prices:

  • Smart-Clip - 199 USD
  • Smart-Clip with S-Card - 249 USD
  • Smart-Clip with S-Card + Smart Adaptor - 299 USD
  • Smart-Clip Chinese Edition - 179 USD


Smart-Clip Chinese Edition

Exceptional proposition for Chinese customers - Smart-Clip Chinese Edition!

Smart-Clip Chinese Edition has the same functionality, loyalty and warranty policies, support service etc. as those of the Smart-Clip "classical" variant. It is compatible with the same set of cables and accessories and supports the same range of models but works with SmartMoto Asian versions only.

Please, take into consideration, that Smart-Clip Chinese Edition is developed specially for users located in China.




中文版Smart-Clip同原版Smart-Clip(Smart-Clip "classical")拥有相同的功能,保修政策,技术支持和其它的服务 款项。中文版Smart-Clip在操作期间可使用不同型号手机的数据线、配件,但是仅支持SmartMoto亚洲版本。



Smart-Clip for SCout owners

Spend 199 USD only and make Smart-Clip with S-Card out of your SCout!

When purchasing promotional Smart-Clip at exceptional price, customers SCout will be automatically upgraded to S-Card. It means that the user will get completely functional professional device that is compatible with SmartMoto.

Note: Offer is limited in time and valid till May 31.


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